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Instructions and details

Take a look and the weekend will be succesful

If you can't find the information you need, send email info@vaarojenmaraton.fi or call +358 50 321 9714

We reserve the right to make changes. Please check this site for updated information.


Bib pickup

Bib pickup and the race office is situated in the middle of Koli village

Sign up and get your race number at "the Koli Club House" (Kolin Seurojentalo)

Address: Merilänrannantie 4 C, 83960 Koli

Even if you start on Saturday, you can sign up on Friday already. The race office is open:

  • Friday the 4th: 4 pm - 10 pm
  • Saturday the 5th: 5 am - 10.30 am

Each runner must pickup his/ her bib number personally. Mandatory equipment will be checked at the bib pickup.


Directions for parking and transportation

You need a permission provided by the event organizer to drive up to parking areas in Ylä-kolintie

Parking is not allowed in front of the Break Sokos Hotel Koli‚Äč and Ukko Nature Centre

You are entitled to have a permission:

  • If you stay at the Break Sokos Hotel Koli
  • In case you have supporters with strollers or safety seat etc. with them, or in other occasions necessary

Parking for others

  • There are two parking areas. P1: Sports field at Koli village P2: Ski chairlift parking area
  • Non-stop shuttle-bus operates between P1 and Race centre. Friday starting at 16.00. Saturday the whole day as needed, also after the chairlift no longer operates.
  • Chairlift operates between P2 and Race centre on Saturday at 7-11 & 12-19. For the lift, dress warmly! The lift will take about 10min.

Please note, that camping in the National Park's P-areas is not allowed (including motorhomes and caravans).

Need a ride? Check out the Vaarojen Maraton Facebook event

Check out and be familiar with

Mandatory (M) & recommended (R) equipment

You must carry all the mandatory equipment from the start to finish. Mandatory (M) equipment will be checked at the bib pickup.

Mandatory (M)

Recommended (R)

All categories:

Organizers will give

M: Map

M: Bib – Must be visibly attached. The bib has the timing chip.

You take with

M: Mobile phone – Waterproof packed. Enough power for the whole race. Emergency numbers of the organizers saved on the phone.

M: Elastic adhesive bandage – Waterproof packed.

M: Emergency blanket

M: Your own water cup – We do not provide disposable cups. Let’s keep the National Park litter-free. (Cup not mandatory in 13,5 km - there is not water points on the 13,5 km route.)

R: Your needed energy - Only water provided by the organizers during the race.

R: Water bottle/ hydration pack - There will be water containers and buckets/ jugs for pouring water into own cups/ bottles/ packs in water points. FOR hygiene reasons, DO NOT dip you cup into the containers.

R: Salt – Aid in case of stomach problems

R: Blister patches, sports tape

R: Toilet paper

R: Waterproof shell jacket

R: Poles / telescopic sticks

In addition, 13,5 km:

You take with

M: Water bottle/ hydration pack - There is not water points on the 13,5 km route.

In addition, Night 65 km & 130 km:

Organizers will give

M: GPS transmitter

You take with

M: Headlamp

M: Reflector band or some other reflector

M: Waterproof shell jacket - Water column value min. 10 000 mm


  1. Prepare for the conditions in advance. Extremely demanding, slippery, watery, rocky, steep hills, as well as cold and possibly wet weather, increase the potential for accidents or hypothermia.
  2. Take with you at least the mandatory gear. You must be able to help yourself/ other runners with the equipment you carry.
  3. Save the organizer's emergency number 050 301 1667 and the alternative number 050 321 9714. In case of an accident, call the emergency number. In case of discontinue, call 050 301 1336.
  4. In case of an emergency, first call 112 for assistance. Then call the organizers. The organizer's strong recommendation is that everyone should download "the 112 Suomi -application on their phone. It will automatically transmit the caller's precise location to the emergency call center.
  5. There is staff at the race center and along the route for first aid. An ambulance is also on duty at the race center. In Kiviniemi, there is an indoor space to wait for an evacuation.
  6. Evacuation points are marked on the route map 42,5 / 65/ 130 km. There is no on-call service at the points, but the organizers are ready to provide a car ride from these points or any other place to be arranged. Be prepared, that the evacuation might take time.
  7. You must carry a mobile phone, packed waterproof and battery charged, so you can call for help for yourself or others. The organizers can also call you if needed. This might happen especially in the 130 km series: If you have a GPS from the organizers and the tracking shows that you or another runner has stopped moving, the organizer can call the runner or another runner nearby to ask if the situation is under control. If the organizers call, answer the phone, even if you are all right.
  8. Participants are responsible for their own insurance coverage. The organizer has liability insurance for any damage caused by the organizer to the participants.

Typical injuries are abrasions, blisters, injuriens caused by falling and exhaustion due to the lack of energy. Under cold conditions, the risk of hypothermia increases. Good manners, the spirit of the event and the legislation also include the duty to help those in need. 

Part of the route goes on the highway. Take this into consideration especially when you are coming from a path to a crossing road. 130km runners should be equipped with reflectors so that drivers can see them in the dark.

Race centre

Race office

Sign up and get your race number at "the Koli Club House" (Kolin Seurojentalo)

Address: Merilänrannantie 4 C, 83960 Koli

Race center - Break Sokos Hotel Koli

  • Starting area near the parking area of the hotel
  • Finish area 
  • Upstairs in hotel: Dressing room for ladies
  • Downstrairs in hotel: Dressing room for gentlemen
  • Shower after the race: Upstrais - ladies
  • Shower after the race: Downstrais - gentlemen
  • In hotel restaurant: Pastabuffet after the race, prize-giving, after-race party

Ukko Nature Centre

  • The midpoint aid station for 130 km runners

Equipment storage

  • Storage (a tent) is organized in the race center.
    • One bag per runner.
    • Write down your name and race number.

The race

Starting groups, timing, cut-off times

Starting groups

Only runners who start in the first starting group of the series, are qualified for the prizes.

Try to realistically evaluate your own pace and start in the group based on that.

The runners will settle in their starting group independently without the organizer's guidance.

Starting groups 13,5 km:

  • Group 1: 10 am (target time less than 1.5h)
  • Group 2: 10.10 am (target time over 1.5h)

Starting groups 42,5 km:

  • Group 1: 9 am (target time less than 5h)
  • Group 2: 9.10 am (target time 5-6h)
  • Group 3: 9.20 am (target time 6-7 hours)
  • Group 4: 9.30 am (target time over 7 hours)


The bib number has the timing chip in it.


130 km: Only runners who arrive from their first lap at 9.30 am the latest, may proceed to the second lap. Runners arriving after 9.30 am will end their race at that point.

In all series, the finish line closes on Saturday at 24.00.

If the runner has no opportunity to reach the finish within the time limit, the organizers have the right to suspend the run. Organizers have the right to suspend the run for other reasons, too.

On the route

Markings on the route

  • Mainly, the route follows well marked hiking path of Herajärven Kierros.
  • The route is marked by "Vaarojen Maraton" -signs.
  • Extra attention at intersections is marked by tape.
  • If you think you are lost, ask help from other runners or call the organizer at the number on your bib number for advice.

42,5 km

Runners cross a 50 m wide strait on a small raft or rowing boat about 17 km from the start.

65/ 130 km

Runners cross about 15 m wide river Herajoki about 19 km from the start. Depth of water at the crossing varies with the season. At the beginning of October, the depth of water has usually been over 30 centimeters.

Aid stations during the race

Each runner is resposible for their own energy aid during the run

Please note the following adjustments:

  • 42,5 km, 65 km/ 130 km routes have only water points on behalf of the organizer. There are no organizer water points on the 13,5 km route. There are no cups at the water points. Bring your own cup (please check the mandatory equipment). There will be water containers and buckets/ jugs for pouring water into own cups/ bottles/ packs in water points. FOR hygiene reasons, DO NOT dip you cup into the containers.
  • In 130 km series, runners can leave equipment/ energy in their drop bags (from the organizers).
  • For the 130km runners, there is soup + bread provided by the organizers in midway.

After the race

Showers, spa & sauna and food


  • Break Sokos Hotel Koli, upstrais: Shower and sauna Saturday at 05.30 - 01.00


  • Break Sokos Hotel Koli, Koli Relax Spa, downstrais: Shower, spa and sauna Saturday at 05.30 - 01.00


  • Pastabuffet is free for runners, but you must show the meal voucher for the staff.
  • Buffet is served on Saturday at 11.00 - 23.00. After 23.00, please show the voucher and you will still be served.
  • For non-runners the prize is 14€

Results, prize-giving

The results: https://my3.raceresult.com/116051/participants?&lang=en on "Results" page. Prizes will given straight after results are ready. 


The finish area is situated in front of Break Sokos Hotel Koli

Light snack, water and sports drink available.

In all series, the finish line closes on Saturday at 24.00.

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