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Registration open 16.4.-2.5.2018

Vaarojen Maraton/Marathon of Dangers will be held on 5.-6.10.2018 in Koli National Park Finland. Pre-registration for the event will be open 16.4.(16:00) - 2.5.2018 (24:00). If there are more pre-registered runners than available bibs (1,000), the participation rights will be drawn. The draw will give equal chances for all candidates to get an entry.

By filling the pre-registration form, one can register either individual runners (one by one) or a group of 2-5 persons. The same person can take part in the draw with only one ticket, either as an individual runner or as a part of a group (if you add 2-5 persons on the same form, you will participate the possible draw as a group: If the group gets a winning ticket in the draw, all group members get a participation right).

Questions? Contact: info@vaarojenmaraton.fi / +358400 350900

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