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130 km

4.10.2019 at 20.00

130 km

130 km route comprises two 65 km loops. After the first loop, runners have a possibility to change equipment and to eat. The runners can leace their dropbags in this service station before the start. The meal served in the service station includes soup, bread & coffee and is included in the participation fee. 


  • Cut-off time after the first lap: 9.30 (13,5 hrs after the start). In other words, the runners are not allowed to start the second lap if they finish the first lap after 9.30.
  • The finish will close at 24:00, after this there will be no timing. The organizers have the right to interrupt the race if the runner is not able to make it to the finish in time. The right to interrupt the race exists even due to other reasons as well.
  • A prerequisite for registration: A runner has to have finished a similar ultra-trail performance longer than 80 km. When registrating, the runners are asked to inform the organizer where and when they have finalised these races. 


  • Start time: Friday 4.10.2019 at 20.00.
  • Fee: 108 € 
  • Obligatory and recommended equipment: See Race practicalities 
  • ITRA points: 5 
  • There is a water-crossing on the route where the runners will walk across a 15 meter broad river. Water depth in the river varies according to weather. In previous years, the water depth during the event has been close / below 50 cm. 
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Route map

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Route profile

42,5 km reitin korkeusprofiili


Be sure the following dates are noted:

The opening of the registration 27.1.2019 (6 pm.) and 4.-5.10.2019 @Koli #trailrun